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UI Design Trends

Have you noticed the new trend rising?

Recent years where rich in a new UI design Styles. Starting with simple flat design, material, neuomorphism, and glassmorphism. While I am not such an excellent trend hunter as Michal Malewicz, I am sure that I have found something… Let’s dive into the world of squircles!

Squircle? What is it?

It is not a rounded rectangle, not a circle. The shape is unique and subtle but makes a huge difference. It was first noticed in digital design when iOS 7 arrived. App Icons were masked with squircle. Since then, designers felt in love with the shape.

If you would like to discover some math…

UI Design Tutorial

If you like to create modern User Interfaces, see how to design with this style.

Glassmorphism is a trend that is almost everywhere in modern digital products. Glass has become one of the favorite digital materials. You may quickly learn how to create attractive glassmorphic elements. The style is even included in UI Design Starter Kit. Maybe it is time to try something fresh & familiar at the same time?

In this tutorial, I would like to show you how to prepare Neon Glass Effect, which may be the perfect style for your future project!

Grab the mug of your favorite coffee… or tea, and let’s shape some glass!

Basically, the whole neon glass effect…

Design Tool

What’s new in the latest Sketch version?

The new version of Sketch is here, and there are some improvements that you may like. However, do not expect a big new feature in this release. After really hard work Sketch Team had to slow down for a while 😉

What’s New

Sketch 72 brings improvements and optimizations in the following areas:

  • Performance Improvements — the main focus of this release is rendering and performance improvements. You should notice the change, especially while working with Components with Nested Symbols. Saving and exporting documents will also work faster.
  • Data Improvements — from now you may use the new option to add a…

Design Tool

See what is coming to boost your design workflow!

This year’s online conference organized by Figma was full of exciting news. If you would like to know what is coming to your design tool — grab the mug of your favorite coffee and read the recap in just 3 minutes! 🔥

Figma new Features

There is a lot of stuff that was announced during the Figma conference. Here is a quick summary:

  • Branching & Merging — Now, you may create branches of your designs and merge the changes once they are ready to include them in the main file. Just like git for designers!
  • Audio Calls — You may quickly discuss the…

Design Tools

The best plugins for your UI Design projects.

Looking for the UI/UX Resource that will help you kick-off your next project? Do not waste time by creating everything from scratch. Build design system, maintain consistency & speed up your workflow. Check out Prime Design System.

Plugins! They are essential to modern design tools. I have mentioned many times that they have added extra power to Sketch. Now I would like to show you how 7 plugins may help you kick-off the project and boost the design workflow in Figma!


This is the legendary plugin. Those of you who use also Sketch must know it. You may rename everything…

Design Tools

It’s been a long time… but finally, waiting is over!

Real-Time Collaboration is now officially available for Sketch! How to use it? Where may it help you? You will find the answers in this article.

Before You will discover the details of Real-Time Collaboration, here are some two more interesting things in Sketch 71:

  • ⭐️ Starred Updates — now you may highlight the most important updates of you document and control who may see its version history. You may also choose which Library updates will be available for everyone in your Team!
  • 🗄 Linked Data — If your layers will be named like JSON keys of your file with data…

Figma Tutorial

Learn how to create and animate Interactive Components.

Figma regularly introduces features that are extremely useful, amaze designers, and even boost their creativity.

It started with Variants. The feature helps to organize Components in a more efficient way. Finding components with Variants is much quicker. Modifying their appearance in a way similar to real solutions behavior is a real pleasure. When I work in Figma now, I cannot imagine my workflow without them.

This time I will show you how to get started with Interactive Components — revolutionary feature for prototyping. I will also share some additional tips for more advanced purposes.

Grab the mug of your favorite…

Knowledge on how to set the price is essential not only for your work. It often determines the quality of your life.

Pricing is a challenging thing, especially for designers who are starting their professional journey. In the article, I will show your factors that affect pricing. We will review various pricing methods and make some practical tips. I will give you also my personal recommendations and show you other designers that know how to price their work!

So, grab the mug of your favorite coffee ☕️, and let’s begin!

Before Thinking of Pricing Methods

Setting the price depends on various factors. You have to think about them even before choosing the pricing technique. Let’s briefly describe the major ones:

1. Set Your Goal

The most common question about designers’ earnings…

UI Design Tutorial

You already know how to create elements in Glassmorphic style? Now it is time to go a bit further and see how to use it wisely in UI components!

Glassmorphism is a visual design trend noticed in late 2020. It is not an entirely new thing because we already have seen UI that use glass material years ago, with Windows Vista.

Nowadays, designers started to use glass wisely in an attractive and usable way. Good examples of UIs that use glass are Apple’s iOS, macOS and Fluent Design System by Microsoft.

Creating Glassmorphic Elements…

If you would like to create just a single visual element in Glassmorphic style. Feel free to follow 6 simple steps I included in the tutorial — How to Create Glassmorphic Card UI Design. …

UI Design Tutorial

Glass is a popular digitial material. Use these quick tutorial to prepare glassmorphic elements of your UI quickly.

There are some design trends that cannot be ignored. Digital glass material is not a completely new thing in UI Design. However, it was recently discovered again. Michal Malewicz calls the trend “Glassmorphism”.

Let me show you how to create a glass card with this effect, so you may use it in your designs. Just 6 steps to achieve remarkable results. You may also find video tutorials for Sketch and Figma at the end of the article.

Grab the mug of your favorite coffee, and let’s start!

1. Draw a shape

To create a card, you need to create a basic shape first. You…


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