SQUID 2.0 — User Flow Kit for Sketch & Figma

Making User Flow Kit on Your own

All you have to do is to build components that include arrows and connections (flows). Then create a shared styles and apply them to those elements. Oh… you may want to annotate or highlight something, so maybe it would be worth to setup components for these too?

Here comes the 🐙 SQUID User Flow Kit

To make nice looking User Flows quickly. That is why I imagined SQUID. The User Flow Kit that may be styled within seconds to match your project brand, and used immediately to create elegant diagrams. It costs you less than an hour or two of your work and let’s you save plenty of time.

  • Wireflows
  • UML Diagrams,
  • Process mapping,
  • Site Maps,
  • Mind Maps
  • Journey Maps

SQUID Features

The User Flow Kit was made for Sketch and Figma. The usage of the best smart techniques allowed me to build a universal and adaptable Library for User Flows. With great experience from creating Prime Design System Kit I applied intelligent hierarchy of styles and component naming.

  • 216 Flows in various types
  • 180+ Customizable Styles
  • 128 UI Template (Web, Mobile, Wearable)
  • Fully Resizable Elements
  • Smart Layout
  • Prepared for Wireflows
  • User Flows created in Minutes
  • Sketch & Figma

Where can I get SQUID?

SQUID is a premium library. It can be purchased from 👉 the official site.

To Sum Up

I do not think of making Kits as of my business. Making UI/UX Resources is a real pleasure to me when I see people using it in their daily work. Helping designers to save their time and boost workflow so they can create something amazing or even game-changing — this is the way.

By the way!

You may see SQUID User Flow Kit on Product Hunt!🎉

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